Uşak Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (UCCI) started  service in 1891 named as “Uşak Chamber Of Commerce And Indurstry” with the Usak Businessmen enterprises within the scope of the same goal and duty in order to meet the common needs of members which are the establishment purposes of all chambers  like expediting the professional activities and ensuring the development for the general benefits of the professions.

Uşak Chamber Of Commerce And Industry has done the utmost effort since it was established for improving the commercial and industrial life of both Turkish and territory economies in the direction of gaining the new acceleration.    

Today, Uşak is positioned as an industrial city which is manufacturing Turkey’s %80 of blankets, %50 of gauze, %60 leather garment, %65 of  sweater and knitwear yarns  and %15 of ceramics.

UCCI, which was established 125 years ago, took its position among the leading professional organisations with the aim of designing one of the country’s top provider added value territory and city Uşak’s commercial and industrial contributes, running the members’ occupational activities under the appropriate conditions and solving the issues which they encounter with.