Organizations stand strong along with its common values which they have got. Common values unite all individuals (employees, selected people, members) around mutual conscious and culture who constitute the organisation.  Since they state organisation’s  priorities, that show the way to management in deciding stage and guide how organisation sources would spent.


Uşak Chamber Of Commerce And Industry ‘s basic values are;


  •          Being respected and trustable
  •          Encouraging the SMEs (Small and medium sized enterprises) development and enterpreneurship
  •          Increasing the employees’ knowledge and vision with constant education and seminarsIn order to provide innovative and quality service.
  •          Active, fast, quality and member focused servicing
  •          Equal and impartial servicing to all members
  •          Supporting sustainable growth both in organisation and its all members
  •          Being an organisation which reaches to information fast, process and distrubutes
  •          Being a transparent and accountable organisation
  •          Contacting with all members constantly and healthy
  •          Creating solutions and services towards the members’ needings with analyzing their needs.
  •          Providing the development of society based on stakeholders cooperation with being aware of the social responsibilities
  •          Creating a working place where is paid attention to team work.